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Park Jin Young
South Korea

Park “JYP” Jin Young is not your average Starcraft II pro. He’s a fixture of the Korean Weekly scene, where he’s consistently placed near the top of every bracket. Outside of Korea, he’s proven his worth more than a few times, with top five finishes at IEM Gangzhou, IEM Season 6 World Championships, and HomeStory Cup IV, where he was only stopped by the eventual champion MC. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s been in the GSL for six consecutive seasons, notably taking series off of DongRaeGu, HerO, Sase and JulyZerg. Top that all off with sixty five percent win-rates versus Zerg and Protoss, and, well, you’ve got the very definition of a top-tier Korean Protoss player.

Like many of his EG teammates, JYP is currently living in Korea, training for the GSL even as he maintains an active international presence.

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