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Benjamin Baker
United Kingdom

Little is known about Benjamin “DeMusliM” Baker, the so-called “Devil Terran.” Some say that he was born in a volcano six thousand years ago, that he can strike a man dead with a single glance. There are others who swear that his reserved outer shell conceals a demonic force so ancient and powerful that, were it ever to be released, the universe as we comprehend it would simply cease to exist.

In Starcraft II, DeMusliM has always been a force to be reckoned with. He won the first HomeStory Cup in 2010, crushing WhiteRa, HasuObs and Brat_OK in the process. In January 2011, he took third at the IEM V European Finals by defeating the fearsome Terran Tarson. An elbow and hand injury, most probably sustained while deflecting a giant asteroid on a crash course with Earth, took DeMusliM out of competition for a few months, preventing him from attending the IEM World Championship.

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  • 2ndSamsung European EncounterGermany
  • 2ndWCS United Kingdom FinalsUnited Kingdom
  • 2ndIPL 5 American RegionalOnline
  • Ro-32WCS Season 3 America: Premier LeagueOnline

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