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Stephen Ellis

Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis isn’t your average League of Legends player. He holds honors degrees in Computer Science and Business Management and is the proud owner of the legendary “Snoopeh Stare” employed to stare down cameras at live events.

Snoopeh began his e-sports conquests with Age of Empires when he was six years old, and in the fifteen years since, his passion for winning has merely grown.

Long considered a top competitor in the scene, Snoopeh boasts a sky-high peak ELO of 2486. He represented Europe at the Riot World Invitational, and led CLG EU to first-place finishes in the Corsair Vengeance Cup, DreamHack Summer 2012 and the Lone Star Clash 2. Now that he’s signed on as an Evil Genius, the path ahead is clear: world domination, one tournament at a time.

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Recent achievements

  • 4thLCS 3 Summer PlayoffsGermany
  • 3rdLCS 3 Spring PlayoffsGermany
  • 2ndDreamHack Winter 2012Sweden
  • 1stLone Star Clash 2Austin, TX

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