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Clinton Loomis
United States

Clinton “Fear” Loomis is one of the few who knows what it takes to truly be a top player in the DotA community. With solid fundamentals and a great knowledge of the game, Fear was and continues to be one of the major threats coming out of the EG.DotA team that opponents should be afraid of.

Like DeMoN, Fear joined up with team MYM and continued to make waves after the disbanding of the original EG.DotA team. Now with DotA2 on the horizon, Fear and the rest of the EG.DotA team plan to once again prove to the world that they are the team to beat.

Photo taken by Greg Laird

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Recent achievements

  • 1stEIZO Cup #1Online
  • 1stA Fistful of TangoesOnline
  • 2ndDreamHack 2012 WinterSweden
  • 2ndRaidCall Dota 2 League Season 1Online

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