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Yusuke Momochi

Yusuke Momochi is one of the premier fighting game players from Japan, and has a multitude of accomplishments under his belt. Momochi has had strong performances at the most famous fighting game event in Japan, Super Battle Opera, several times over the past few years – beginning in 2007 with a third-place finish in Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Prior to joining Team Evil Geniuses, he was part of a team of three — consisting of fellow Japanese legends RF and Kindevu — that took home first place at the 2010 Super Battle Opera tournament for Street Fighter 4. He also placed second at one of the final qualifiers for EVO 2011, Shadowloo Showdown.

More recently, Momochi has had several notable victories in Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, including a first-place finish at Season’s Beatings: Velocity, a third-place finish at Canada Cup, and a second-place finish at CEO 2012. Momochi has also once again secured a spot for himself in Super Battle Opera for 2012, and has recently begun taking an interest in competing in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

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  • 3rdSuper Battle Opera 2012Japan
  • 2ndCEO 2012Orlando, FL
  • 2ndGodsgarden #4Japan

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