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Yuko Kusachi

Yuko “ChocoBlanka” Kusachi is one of the Fighting Game Community’s recent rising stars. Choco claims to be a relative “newcomer” to fighting games – having begun her competitive career on the original Street Fighter IV – but quickly made a significant impact on the Japanese competitive scene. Her “ChocoRan” tournament series, streamed live bi-weekly from GAME SKY arcade in Nagoya, has featured many of Japan’s best players over the last two years.

Aside from her successes behind-the-scenes, Choco has also had some success in the competitive scene. Choco can boast that she is one of a select few that can defeat the likes of Mago, and is also the first female tournament champion for GodsGarden. As a member of Team Evil Geniuses, Choco continues to make waves in local and regional tournaments in Japan, and has participated in several exhibitions and international tournaments including Shadowloo Showdown, CEO 2012, and EVO 2011 and 2012.

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