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Eduardo Perez-Frangie
Puerto Rico

Since Street Fighter 4′s release three years ago, only one Balrog player has won a major tournament. Eduardo “PR Balrog” Perez-Frangie is a player originating from the small island of Puerto Rico. Originally known as “PR Scrub”, Eduardo’s name became “PR Balrog” when he went to his first tournament, Final Round IV. People were wanting to know, “Who is this great Puerto Rican Balrog player?” and the name just stuck. By the end of Final Round XIV everyone would know his name because Eduardo emerged as the champion in Street Fighter 4 and instantly solidified him as a killer competitor in fighting games.

Known for shifting from hardcore offense to aegis-like defense on the fly, Eduardo keeps opponents from easily predicting his actions. Being loyal to his character, Balrog, has enabled him to get every ounce of potential from his game play. In addition to tournaments, Eduardo is active in the online streaming scene as an integral part of FGTV, a regular fighting game stream with over 3 million views and counting. Eduardo’s performance this year tied with his great attitude and infectious smile make him an excellent and long awaited addition to Evil Geniuses Fighting Game Division.

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  • 4thStreet Fighter 25th Anniversary QualifiersNew York City, NY
  • 1stSuper Battle Opera 2012 QualifiersWalnut, CA
  • 1stNortheast Championships XIIIPhiladelphia, PA

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