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Ricky Ortiz
United States

Hailing from Northern California and first making a name for herself in the Tekken scene, “fierce” fighter Ricky Ortiz has proven herself as not only one of the best players in the NorCal region, but also one of the best in the world. A veteran of the fighting game community for years, Ricky has been a force to be reckoned with in countless tournaments dating back to Capcom vs. SNK 2, Street Fighter III: Third Strike and Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

More recently, she can be seen dive-kicking her way to the top of the tournament charts in Street Fighter x Tekken and Super Street Fighter IV: AE. Ricky is notorious for skillful reads of opponents and pinpoint execution, so it’s no surprise that her Rufus is one of the most feared opponents in in SSFIV:AE high-level play. In addition to standout performances in many tournaments across the country, she has also represented the United States at Super Battle Opera in Japan.

In addition to tournaments, Ricky is active in the online streaming scene as an integral part of FGTV, a regular fighting game stream with over 3 million views and counting. Ricky has also made special guest appearances at several fighting game events, including Street Fighter x Tekken reality program “Cross Assault”. In addition to continuing her climb up the charts on Capcom titles, Ricky is looking forward to returning to her roots in the Tekken scene with Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

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  • 2ndARK 5San Francisco, CA
  • 1stStreet Fighter 25th Anniversary QualifiersAustin, TX
  • 2ndStreet Fighter 25th Anniversary QualifiersNew York City, NY

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