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Chris Loranger

Every professional gamer faces titanic challenges in the quest to turn their passion into a career. Chris “HuK” Loranger knows this better than anyone. In 2005, things looked grim for the future progamer. Not yet 16, HuK’s life had been derailed by family trouble, poverty and run-ins with the law.

The bleakest point came when HuK found himself locked up in juvenile prison. For his father it was a wake-up call—the Lorangers moved to Ontario, Canada later that year, looking for a new start in a new country. The change of scenery proved critical for HuK’s development. In his new home, HuK discovered a passion for real-time strategy titles, and when the Starcraft II Beta was released in 2010, HuK went all-in, dedicating his life to the game.

Since then, HuK has never been far from the spotlight. In November 2011, HuK overcame MC yet again in the finals of MLG Orlando. That victory made him both the first player ever to take two MLG titles and the first foreigner to win a championship following the Korean debut in the MLG Pro Circuit. Though his results cooled slightly in late 2012, HuK rushed back onto the scene in January 2013 by qualifying for GSL Code S through the treacherous Up & Down matches. Recently, the Canadian phenom has been silencing even his most vicious critics by taking first at the 2013 Lanhammer and the MLG Summer Invitational. Players come, players go, but HuK lives on forever.

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Recent achievements

  • 4thMLG Winter Championship 2012Columbus, OH
  • 3rdMLG Winter Arena 2012New York City, NY
  • 1stMLG Orlando 2011Orlando, FL
  • Top 16IEM Season VIII - New York - 2013New York
  • 1stMLG Summer InviteNew York
  • 2ndRed Bull Training Grounds 2Santa Monica, CA
  • Top 16DreamHack Open: Valencia 2013Valencia
  • Top 16MLG Spring Championship 2013Anaheim, CA
  • Top 16DreamHack Open: Stockholm 2013Stockholm

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